Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pictorial: Second Annual Lyp Sinc Show @ Defibrillator

An exposition of local performance art in thirteen acts, and a fund-raising event for "Rapid Pulse," an international performance festival scheduled to run at the gallery during the upcoming Summer of 2012.

Mikey McParlane @ Defibrillator
Mikey McParlane @ Defibrillator
Mikey McParlane @ Defibrillator
Above: Mikey McParlane

Jillian Soto @ Defibrillator
Jillian Soto @ Defibrillator
Jillian Soto @ Defibrillator
Above: Jillian Soto

Happy Collaborationists @ Defibrillator
Above: Happy Collaborationists

Sofia Moreno @ Defibrillator
Above: Sofia Moreno

Joseph Ravens @ Defibrillator
Above: Joseph Ravens

Taisha Paggett @ Defibrillator
Above: Taisha Paggett

Jake Myers @ Defibrillator
Above: Jake Myers

Robin Deacon @ Defibrillator
Above: Robin Deacon

Ben Foch @ Defibrillator
Above: Ben Foch

Full roster of performers: Happy Collaborationists, Ben Foch, Sasha Hodges, Mikey McParlane, Sofia Moreno, Jillian Soto, Courtney Macandanz, Rosé Hernandez, Robin Deacon, Taisha Paggett, Jake Myers, Sharon Lanza, Monica Panzarino

"Second Annual Lyp Sinc Show"
April 1, 2012 @ 7:00 PM
1136 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60642

"Defibrillator (a.k.a dfbrL8r or dfb) is a non-profit arts organization under the fiscal sponsorship of Fractured Atlas. Part studio and part gallery, dfb provides a gathering place to conceive, present, and promote performance art and other ephemeral forms of expression."

See also: Zachary Whittenburg and Chandler West's coverage of the event in Time Out Chicago,

- Paul Germanos

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